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Greetings Accidental Visitor,

If you have found your way to these pages without an invitation from the owner or development team we are amazed but certainly not angry.

This site is still in developmental stages.  We have intentionally avoided listings in any search engines.  When the site is finally ready for public consumption and membership offerings we will only then begin promotional activities with search engines, social networking sites and industry specific advertising.  Until that milestone arrives all content contained herein is “dummy data” which is not necessarily representative of the intellectual property to be offered.  The sole exception to that is the “About Know Your Skyline” introduction (below), which offers a very high level view of what we will soon become.  We are working toward an initial public unveiling in January 2015.

Likewise, any user accounts created during this development stage will be deleted when we decide to publish our “real” product.  Meanwhile – even if you stumbled onto this site accidentally – you are welcome to create an account and browse the limited and certainly off topic content presently available.  By registering, you will get access to a few more menu levels as well as a basic discussion forum.  We appreciate any feedback sent to us via that forum.  Of course any abuses will result in blocking your IP address, even if it means blocking your entire ISP network.  Please conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Our first “production” version of this site will offer valuable but limited content to anonymous public visitors, additional functions and publications to those who register with the site and finally a suite of content rich documents, downloads and social networking offerings for paying members.  If you are a professional user of the “Skyline Property Management”™ software solution, we encourage you to either check back here in January or create a “test” account to participate in our development process.


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